Kim is referred to as “The Mother of Shamans” by many of her apprentices. Her mission is to call forth awakening shamans, nurture them, teach them, and birth them into the empowered healers our world needs at this time.

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Soul Deep


This 10 month intensive program is designed to work on your shadows and teach you the practice of shamanism.  If you are truly ready to answer the call of the shaman and dig deep into your soul to heal, this the course for you.

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At A Crossroads

If you are finding yourself stuck at a crossroads in life, and are ready to dive deep into the shadows in order to bring healing to the deepest of wounds and discover your souls true purpose in this lifetime, I highly recommend Kim's online Shamanism Course. Kim's course is designed to assist each student in a very deep and personal level in order to achieve maximum understanding and healing. The class size is kept at a minimum in order to create an intimate setting where you will learn, heal and grow with your fellow tribe members. The love and support within the group is unmeasurable. You will graduate from this class transformed with a fresh new outlook upon yourself and the world around you. Kim is an amazing healer, and I believe that crossing her path was not by chance. Are you ready to embrace your inner light?

T Moyer

Amazing... Inspiring... Dedicated...

"Amazing... Inspiring... Dedicated... Are only a few words I could use to describe Kim's teaching and lessons inside a classroom or out. Her teaching not only reaches you on a mental and emotional level but it also touches your soul." als

A Snyder

Shamanic Studies Apprenticeship

I highly recommended taking the Shamanic classes with Kim. The class opened doors to energetic healing that is beyond what most would even consider. Shamanic work goes to the root of the dis-ease & the results & healing are profound. It gives you insights and alternative ways of addressing physical, mental, emotional & spiritual conditions by going directly to the cause of the issue. Shamanic practice aligns you & your client with Source- that connection is healing for the practitioner as well. In the process of learning the skills, you do the work to bring awareness of dis-ease within your being & tools to heal yourself, beginning with what you believe to be truth & confront the demons you allow to diminish you. Kim holds a sacred, safe space & provides guidance that resonates with you, the energy at her home helps to perpetuate the energy of the group. Your soul is waiting for this, really.

J Funk

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