Soul Deep



April 24 - May 7, 2019

Soul Deep Pilgrimage

An enchanting journey to discover your soul’s higher purpose.

“And so I wait. I wait for time to heal the pain and raise me to my feet once again – so that I can start a new path, my own path, the one that will make me whole again.” ~ Jack Canfield

Come with me to the magical Isle of Eire where we will explore the ancient spiritual sites of the Emerald Isle, walk in the footsteps of the Celtic Goddesses and Gods of old, and connect with your soul’s higher purpose.

Awaken your Spirit through ceremony, ritual, and soul quests designed to provide you with the deep soul work that will help you to understand your shadow side and allow you to experience healing that is truly life changing.



Are you….

  • Searching for answers for why you are the way you are?
  • At a crossroads in life, knowing you need to stop repeating patterns that have landed you in the same place year after year?
  • Ready to face the fears that plague you and dive deep into the wounds that have created these patterns in your life?
  • Looking for a spiritual path that is diverse and provides you with a deeper connection to spirit, nature, and universal flow?
  • Ready to awaken the inner shaman?
  • A healer who sacrifices your health, so others can heal?
  • Looking for a spiritual path that allows you to grow in new ways?
  • Ready to step out of the shadows and into a life where you can shine your authentic light?


The Soul Deep Retreat

We will connect with the mystical and powerful energies of this magical ancient land as we travel to the Hill of Céis Chorainn, Carrowkeel Carins, Moyne Abbey, Céide Fields, Knocknarea, Carrowmore, Rothcroghan, the Cliffs of Moher, Lough Gur, Ring of Beara, Ardgroom Stone Circle, Kilcatherine Cemetary,  the Rock of Cashel, Newgrange, Fourknocks, Hill of Tara, and more.

John Willmott, Mike Croghan, Terry Tuit, and Anthony Murphy will provide you with the amazing stories of the sites and myths of these magical places.  You will have many opportunities for healing and soul deep connections through meditations, shamanic ceremonies, workshops, music, and storytelling, as well as plenty of time to explore and soul quest on your own.  There will be several special events along the way as well.


Is Included?

  • 12 days, 13 nights in Ireland
  • Lodging at Temple House, Boghill Centre, Dzogchen Beara Meditation Retreat Centre, and Dunderry
  • Transportation from airport to all destinations and return to airport
  • 3 meals a day, and beverages (does not include alcoholic beverages)
  • Cost of all admissions to sacred sites
  • Guides, ceremonies, and entertainment covered
  • Soul Retrieval and Ancestral Shamanic Workshops



Ireland is the place of many of our ancestors where we can walk in the footsteps the ancient people of this amazing land.  Known as the Land of Éire a modern name evolved from the Old Irish word Ériu, which was the name of a Gaelic goddess.  Ériu is generally believed to have been the matron goddess of Ireland, a goddess of sovereignty, or simply a goddess of the land.

Ireland is rich in archeological history with her many myths of Celtic Gods and Goddesses, the sacred sites they inhabited, the stories of the fae, her deep roots in druid and pagan spiritual practices and music, dance, and storytelling.  Celtic shamanism is found in all corners of the Emerald Isle, a tradition that continues to thrive in current times.  A place filled with thin places where the veil between worlds allows us to easily access the otherworld of the shaman.

She offers some of the most breathtaking views on the planet.  From the incredible cliffs to the stone monoliths, circles, and cairns Ireland is truly a treasure left by the Goddess for all to explore and find their spiritual path among the many that have been forever immortalized in the stories passed down through generations.

Ireland is calling you to her shores to take your own spiritual pilgrimage designed to help you connect at a soul deep level with your higher purpose.



April 24, 2019 – Arrive at Shannon Airport where your driver/guide will be waiting to greet you. Transfer straight to Temple House and settle in for a 4 night stay. Take the rest of the day to rest up after your long flight and enjoy the very special ambience at Temple House. After dinner gather for an opening ceremony before retiring to bed.

April 25, 2019 – Today your guide is John Willmott. He will take you first to the base of the Hill of Céis Chorainn for a photo and storytelling stop although the braver and dare I say fitter members of the group may climb the hill to the caves themselves. From there its off to the Carrowkeel Cairns where John will give you an in depth tour of the area which along with the cairns includes 2 fairy rings as well as one of the oldest known settlements in Ireland. After your lunch which John will host, you will visit John’s Labyrinths.

April 26, 2019 – Today travel to the neighboring Co. Mayo and spend some time in quiet contemplation at Moyne Abbey. From here continue on to the Céide Fields where you will enjoy a guided tour of the most extensive Stone Age monument in the world, consisting of field systems, dwelling areas and megalithic tombs.

April 27, 2019 – This morning meet up with Mike Croghan who will be your guide for the day. Enjoy a hike up Knocknarea to Queen Maeve’s Cairn ( Miosgán Meadhbha). It is a long walk up to the top, but is well worth the effort as the views of Ben Bulben and Strandhill are wonderful. Afterwards visit the  megalithic tombs at Carrowmore.

April 28, 2019 – Depart Temple House and spend another day with Mike Croghan as you explore his native Rathcroghan in Co. Roscommon. There is something undeniably magical about Rathcroghan. Here is  a landscape that still retains its integrity and power, untouched and majestic. Many ancient sites  allude to being in their original state but have in fact been disturbed by archaeologists and developers, fortunately Rathcroghan is different. Rathcroghan is the burial place of king Daithi the last of the pagan kings. It is also home to queen Medb who featured in the Tain Bo Cuailnge (the cattle raid of Cooley). This early epic started and finished right here at Rathcroghan.  There are over 60 registered monuments and hundreds more visible throughout this glacial landscape such as Relig na   Ri (burial place of the kings), Rathmore, Rathbeag, and the mysteriously placed stone known as Misgaun Medb. In the evening make your way to the Boghill Center in Co. Clare where you will enjoy dinner before settling in for a 2 night stay.

April 29, 2019 – This morning visit the Cliffs of Moher and take a walk to admire the spectacular views. Spend some  time touring the Burren with its stony moonscape full of jagged edges and mile upon mile of gray rock which has long been viewed as a sacred landscape. Across the Burren are many high crosses, several monastic ruins, portal dolmens and over ninety megalithic tombs.

April 30, 2019 – Today you will be joined by a surprise guest, a shamanic elder, seanachai and musician who will take you on a mythical musical mystery tour taking in a number of sacred sites to include a shamanic journey to the live sound of the Irish Uilleann Pipes.

May 1, 2019 – Beltaine (May Day) This morning depart the Boghill Center and travel to Lough Gur where you will take some time for reflection and ceremony at the ancient stone circle. Continue on to Co. Cork where you will travel out along the Beara Peninsula to the Dzogchen Beara Meditation Retreat Centre.

May 2, 2019 – Spend today exploring the Sacred sites of the Ring of Beara which include the Ardgroom Stone Circle and Kilcatherine Cemetary. Plenty of time will be allowed for reflection, meditation and ceremony.

May 3, 2019 – Bid a fond farewell to West Cork and travel to the town of Cashel in Co. Tipperary. After a visit to the Rock of Cashel stretch your legs and explore the town. Continue on to your final destination, the magical Dundery Park

May 4, 2019 – This morning travel to the Bru na Boinne center where you will have a guided tour of Newgrange. These are major touist attractions in Ireland so the tours are more archeological than spiritual however they are important sites to visit as they will give you a reference point for many of the other sacred sites you will visit in the area. Return to Dunderry for lunch, then travel to the Hill of Uisneach where you will enjoy a private guided tour of the mythological and sacred centre of Ireland.

May 5, 2019 – This morning collect Anthony Murphy, your local guide for the day. Start with a private ceremony  inside Fourknocks. This 5000 year old Passage Chamber Tomb is significant to Newgrange because it is aligned with the line of the Winter Solstice sunrise from Newgrange. After lunch back at Dunderry continue on to the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland. Here Anthony will show  you the many monuments including the Stone of Destiny and the Mound of the Hostages. Complete your day with a closing ceremony on the Hill of Tara.

May 6, 2019 – This morning travel to Kildare where you will have the opportunity to connect with the ancient Goddess Brigid. The Gaelic word for Kildare is Cill Dara, which means the Cell or Church of the Oak. St. Brigid built her Abbey in Kildare around 480AD, on a hill beside a great oak tree. The original monastery no longer exists but a new Cathedral was built on the site during the 13th century. This Cathedral still stands and the sisters of St. Brigid (nuns) continued the work begun by her Priestesses. You can visit them at the Solas Bhride Centre where they will help you to explore the legacy and heritage of St.Brigid of Kildare. You will also want to visit St. Brigid’s Holy Well and Rag Tree – although now a small, well maintained park, the site still has an aura of ancientness, a very spiritual place.

May 7, 2019 – This morning your driver/guide will take you to Dublin Airport for your flight home. Although you will be sad to leave the sacred ground of Ireland you will do so renewed and refreshed by her Spirit.

What Is


Shamanism is an ancient form of healing that has been used since the first humans appeared on the planet.  It is a spiritual practice as well as a philosophy and system of healing.  Shamanism is not a religion, but a way of life.  It blends and compliments with any religion, spiritual practice, and healing methodology.  Shamanism does not stick to strict protocols of use.  It is a fluid practice that constantly changes based on one’s particular needs at the time of use.

The shaman works in non-ordinary world by visiting the three worlds of the shaman, the upper, middle, and lower worlds.  Each has a different feel and purpose.  The shaman works with spirit allies in many forms in non-ordinary world for divination, healing, and guidance.  Shamans also work in ordinary world with spirit allies by learning to read the signs that spirit is constantly giving to us.  The Three Worlds of the Shaman course will teach you how to travel and communicate in both ordinary and non-ordinary world to understand the messages that spirit is providing you.  You will learn how to journey to the three worlds, understand how to communicate with animals, and be able to read the signs in the heavens through a basic understanding of astrology.



  • John Willmott is the labyrinth keeper and guide at Carrowcrory Cottage which is surrounded by hundreds of peaceful ancient sacred sites, places of timeless mythology, fables, and tradition where some say Morrigu wailed and Brighid was born.  John is also the author, composer and performer of the trilogy, Ogma’s Tale of the Trees, Bathing In the Fae’s Breath, and Tales from the Labyrinth.  John’s large Native Tree Labyrinth is used to help people in meditation, mindfulness and connection with themselves and relationships with trees.
  • Mike Croghan is from the last Croghan family still living on Rathcroghan.  He is an experienced tour guide and archaeologist with an in depth knowledge of the history, archaeology, mythology, and spirituality in the area.
  • Terry Tuit is a talented musician and Shamanic practitioner who combines his love of music with his deep connection to the land and to the Otherworlds.  Using Celtic instruments that have been “charged” by playing them at sacred sites all over Ireland he is sure to enhance any sacred ceremony with musically guided meditations and Shamanic journeying.
  • Anthony Murphy is the webmaster of and author of Island of the Setting Sun – In Search of Ireland’s Ancient Astronomers.  No one knows the sacred sites of Meath like Anthony and he has spent many years studying the stars, stones, and stories of this very unique and spiritual region.


Choose Kim?

The awakening puts us on a path of discovery that is best traversed with a guide that has been through the dark night of the soul and come through the healing process in a much better place.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after divorcing my husband in 2002.  After two abusive marriages with alcoholics I knew I had to find a way to heal and fix the unhealthy patterns in my life that caused me to make the same bad choices over and over.  I took a Reiki Level I course that changed my life in June, 1999.  When I completed all levels of Reiki, I enrolled in the Massage Therapy program.  I graduated from The Valley School of Healing Arts in 2003 after about 4 years of studies to become a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, and Astrologer.  From April 2004 – August 2006 I participated in a shamanic apprenticeship with Colleen Deatsman.  The techniques and principles of shamanism have been integral in my life for the past 14 years.  In 2013 my health issues got out of control once again.  I was diagnosed with chronic migraines.  I was suffering from severe debilitating daily migraines that were untreatable.  I was teaching and overseeing the Massage Therapy for a career college, a job I held for 10 years.  This illness forced me to resign my position and go on disability.  All conventional western medicine options failed to help me with my migraines.  I was bed ridden for over 3 years hoping for the magic cure to come along.  In 2016 I finally realized that I would only heal if I dug deep into the emotional reasons I was ill.  I began practicing meditation and journeying on a daily basis and began to feel better.  Then I delved deeply into the patterns that caused the illnesses to begin with.  Today I am living life, feeling amazing, and connecting with spirit in a more meaningful way.

I taught my first group of shamanic students in 2008.  The success of using my shamanic practice to heal myself led me to develop a new program in 2016 that focuses on working more deeply with the shadow aspects of several key archetypes.  I have witnessed many amazing transformations in my students as they work through their deepest wounds and live from an empowered place.

How To

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The beauty and solitude that awaits you in the Land of Éire will provide a transformational experience that will allow you to explore and connect to spirit in profound ways.  Are you ready to heal your soul at the deepest levels and uncover your soul’s higher purpose? To get more information or get signed up and receive your free Shamanic Healing, setup a call with Kim below!