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Soul Deep Retreat

Rodeo, New Mexico

September 16-25, 2018

Soul Deep Retreat

An enchanting journey to discover your soul’s higher purpose.

“The wound is where the light enters.” – Rumi

Join us for a truly magical journey into your deepest wounds.  Our deepest wounds are the only place where you can experience healing that is truly life changing. You will open the doors to your soul’s higher purpose. Today souls are awakening at an exponential rate with a sense of yearning to find knowledge.   When our soul awakens we find ourselves searching for answers to many questions and feeling alone and confused about how to navigate this new landscape of our soul’s quest.



Are you….

  • Searching for answers for why you are the way you are?
  • At a crossroads in life, knowing you need to stop repeating patterns that have landed you in the same place year after year?
  • Ready to face the fears that plague you and dive deep into the wounds that have created these patterns in your life?
  • Looking for a spiritual path that is diverse and provides you with a deeper connection to spirit, nature, and universal flow?
  • Ready to awaken the inner shaman?
  • A healer who sacrifices your health, so others can heal?
  • Looking for a spiritual path that allows you to grow in new ways?
  • Ready to step out of the shadows and into a life where you can shine your authentic light?


The Soul Deep Retreat

This retreat is designed for those awakening souls who know the patterns that keep repeating in their lives need to be healed so they can clear the way for the life they desire.  One of the reasons we keep choosing the same things in our relationships, jobs, and prosperity is due to the sacred contracts our soul signed when we incarnated into this life.  We chose certain lessons we wanted to learn and were then born on the exact day, time, and in the perfect place for us to best accomplish these goals.  By examining our natal birth chart, we can understand through Chiron’s placement what the deepest wounds are we need to heal so we can uncover our souls higher purpose for this life.  Another reason we struggle to change our circumstances is because of fear.  Fears come in many shapes and sizes, but commonly shows up in ways that sabotage, victimize, and cause us to sell ourselves short because we can’t see our own worth.


Is Included?

  • 9 days, 10 nights at the Painted Pony Resort in Rodeo, NM
  • Transport to and from airport, plus any outings
  • 3 meals a day, snacks, and beverages
  • Time to rejuvenate by the pool
  • Cost of all outings
  • Materials for mask making and drum kit
  • 6-week online course: Three Worlds of the Shaman training program to prepare you for the retreat

What Is


Shamanism is an ancient form of healing that has been used since the first humans appeared on the planet.  It is a spiritual practice as well as a philosophy and system of healing.  Shamanism is not a religion, but a way of life.  It blends and compliments with any religion, spiritual practice, and healing methodology.  Shamanism does not stick to strict protocols of use.  It is a fluid practice that constantly changes based on one’s particular needs at the time of use.

The shaman works in non-ordinary world by visiting the three worlds of the shaman, the upper, middle, and lower worlds.  Each has a different feel and purpose.  The shaman works with spirit allies in many forms in non-ordinary world for divination, healing, and guidance.  Shamans also work in ordinary world with spirit allies by learning to read the signs that spirit is constantly giving to us.  The Three Worlds of the Shaman course will teach you how to travel and communicate in both ordinary and non-ordinary world to understand the messages that spirit is providing you.  You will learn how to journey to the three worlds, understand how to communicate with animals, and be able to read the signs in the heavens through a basic understanding of astrology.



  • Learn how Chiron the Wounded Healer is identifying your soul’s work for this life.
  • Learn Shamanic techniques to heal the wounds that keep you from your soul’s higher purpose.
  • Learn how to Soul Quest for answers and guidance in your life.
  • Create a personal mask with Jessica Browne-White that will mark each step of the healing process.
  • Make a 16” drum to use in your shamanic work.
  • Hike the trails of the Chiricahua Mountains and explore the area to connect with the ancestors.
  • Enjoy stargazing in the evenings, Painted Pony Resort is one of the best places to see the night sky.
  • A few surprises are also in the works!!!!


Choose Kim?

The awakening puts us on a path of discovery that is best traversed with a guide that has been through the dark night of the soul and come through the healing process in a much better place.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after divorcing my husband in 2002.  After two abusive marriages with alcoholics I knew I had to find a way to heal and fix the unhealthy patterns in my life that caused me to make the same bad choices over and over.  I took a Reiki Level I course that changed my life.  When I completed all levels of Reiki, I enrolled in the Massage Therapy program.  I graduated from The Valley School of Healing Arts in 2003 after about 4 years of studies to become a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, and Astrologer.  From April 2004 – August 2006 I participated in a shamanic apprenticeship with Colleen Deatsman.  The techniques and principles of shamanism have been integral in my life for the past 14 years.  In 2013 my health issues got out of control once again.  I was diagnosed with chronic migraines.  I was suffering from severe debilitating daily migraines that were untreatable.  I was teaching and overseeing the Massage Therapy for a career college, a job I held for 10 years.  This illness forced me to resign my position and go on disability.  All conventional western medicine options failed to help me with my migraines.  I was bed ridden for over 3 years hoping for the magic cure to come along.  In 2016 I finally realized that I would only heal if I dug deep into the emotional reasons I was ill.  I began practicing meditation and journeying on a daily basis and began to feel better.  Then I delved deeply into the patterns that caused the illnesses to begin with.  Today I am living life, feeling amazing, and connecting with spirit in a more meaningful way.

I taught my first group of shamanic students in 2008.  The success of using my shamanic practice to heal myself led me to develop a new program in 2016 that focuses on working more deeply with the shadow aspects of several key archetypes.  I have witnessed many amazing transformations in my students as they work through their deepest wounds and live from an empowered place.


Is Jessi?

Jessica Browne-White (aka DreamscapesInk) is a Waking Dreamer & Energy Artist, and founder of the Body/Image/Object (BIO) Programs. Over the years Jessi has trained in numerous forms of dance, theater, and visual art techniques, all of which, though seemingly disparate, are rooted in the recognition, modulation, and transformation of human energy, and our individual and collective capacity to direct that energy as we choose. Jessi believes we can use the practical, concrete practices taught in the arts (such as body awareness; how to manipulate color, light and space to create specific emotional states; and how to break down a story to explore intent, desire, and meaning) and apply these practices to the creation of our own lives.


Rodeo, New Mexico?

New Mexico is a land rich in color, art, music, dance, breathtaking landscapes, and a heritage of Indian, Anglo, and Hispanic cultures. The name Mexico is an Aztec word that means “place of Mexitli”, one of the Aztec gods.

The Painted Pony Resort is located in the San Simon Valley near Rodeo, NM between the Chiricahua and the Pelencillo mountains. This area is rich in the history of the Southwest Apache tribes.  The most infamous of all these Apaches was Geronimo who was a medicine man for his tribe and renowned for his ability to embody their values; aggressiveness and courage in the face of difficulty.  We will draw upon the strength and courage of Geronimo as we delve into our deepest wounds with courage. This area was also known as an American boom town during the days of migration west in search of gold and home to the wild west cowboys of the late 1800’s, including Billy the Kid.  The Mimbre Indians also inhabited this area and their cliff dwellings are still standing over a thousand years later.

How To

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The beauty and solitude that awaits you in the Land of Enchantment will provide a transformational experience that will allow you to explore and connect to spirit in profound ways.  Are you ready to heal your soul at the deepest levels and uncover your soul’s higher purpose? To get more information or get signed up and receive your free Chiron reading, setup a call with Kim below!   You will be asked to provide your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth when you sign up.