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Shamanism Year One

What Is


Shamanism is an ancient and powerful form of healing that has been used since the first humans appeared on the planet. It is a spiritual practice as well as a philosophy and system of healing. Shamanism is not a religion, but a way of life. It blends with and compliments with any religion, spiritual practice, or healing methodology. Shamanism does not have strict protocols of use. It is a fluid practice that constantly changes based on one’s specific needs.

The shaman works in non-ordinary world by visiting the worlds of the shaman, the upper, middle, and lower worlds. Each has a different feel and purpose. The shaman works with spirit allies in many forms in non-ordinary world for divination, healing, and guidance. Shamans also work in ordinary world with spirit allies by learning to read the signs that spirit is constantly giving to us.

The shamanic path is a lifetime commitment to work in unison with the spirit world for the purpose of helping others, easing the pain and suffering of the world, and divining answers to life’s difficult challenges.  A shaman builds community and devotes his or her gifts to maintaining the balance a community needs to thrive.

Soaring Hawk


One does not become a shaman by training alone, but through training you will develop the strong bonds with your spirit allies that empower the shaman.

The Soaring Hawk Apprenticeship was developed based on over ten years as a practicing Shaman and teaching Shamanic students. This 10 month intensive program will help you work on your shadows and teach you the practice of shamanism.  If you are truly ready to answer the call of the shaman and dig deep into your soul to heal, this is the course for you.

My approach to this shamanic apprenticeship is to help mold you into the empowered shaman who understands all aspects of the shamans ability to walk between the non-ordinary and ordinary worlds.




Are you….

  • Ready to awaken the inner shaman?
  • Searching for answers for why you are the way you are?
  • At a crossroads in life, knowing you need to stop repeating patterns that have landed you in the same place year after year?
  • Ready to face the fears that plague you and dive deep into the wounds that have created these patterns in your life?
  • Looking for a spiritual path that is diverse and provides you with a deeper connection to spirit, nature, and universal flow?
  • A healer who sacrifices your health, so others can heal?
  • Looking for a spiritual path that allows you to grow in new ways?
  • Ready to step out of the shadows and into a life where you can shine your authentic light?



This 10 month Soaring Hawk Apprenticeship program is taught online, using Zoom for live classes. Each week I will deliver new content and we will do the journeys together on the call.  This is a different type of online course that allows you to ask questions, share the results of your journeys and progress during the live calls.  You will receive the individual attention you need throughout the program.  1:1 calls are also scheduled over the course of the program to check on your progress, help you in areas you are struggling, and for general coaching.

This program also includes two in-person retreats:

  • Four day retreat to learn the lessons required to so shamanic work on another person.  I will take you to my sacred place in my enchanted forest on a soul quest to find and bless your shaman staff.

13 day pilgrimage to a sacred place where we will deepen the connections to our ancestors and spirit allies through ceremony, ritual, and connecting with the ancient sacred sites of Éire.

Small group sizes create an intimate space for the members of the Soaring Hawk tribe to bond and support one another.  This also allows me to provide personalized individual guidance to each of my apprentices throughout the program.  Each group of apprentices shape the conversations around lessons with their unique experiences and life struggles.

We will spend a lot of time on learning to interpret the information that is coming to you in your journeys.  A private Facebook group will allow you to connect with the tribe, share your journeys, and ask questions as well.

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What you will learn:

  • How to journey to the three worlds of the shaman and navigate in non-ordinary realm
  • Who your power animal is and other spirit allies you will work with
  • How to create sacred space
  • How to scan and shield
  • How to use meditation to go deeper into your journeys
  • How to travel into past lives to heal present life issues
  • How to interpret the symbolism within your journeys
  • How to communicate and shapeshift (merge) with animals and their spirits
  • Basic astrology to understand how the indigenous peoples used the movement of the planets, sun, and moon for survival
  • How to work with a healing team in your sacred healing space in the lower world
  • How to work with your fears and overcome them
  • How to create shamanic ritual and ceremony
  • How to use the medicine wheel in a journey
  • How to overcome low self-worth and self-esteem
  • How to identify and heal wounds associated with the “Archetypes of Survival” that Caroline Myss refers to as the most important archetypes we all deal with:  Child, Victim, Saboteur, and the Prostitute
  • How to work with your shadow side to heal your deepest wounds
  • Core shamanism techniques;
    • Intrusions and extractions
    • Personal power song
    • Dismemberment, recapitulation, and reclamation
    • Psychopomp and shadow work
    • Soul loss and soul theft
    • Personal soul retrieval and soul retrieval for others
    • Working with a client; ethics, client intake, and session documentation
  • Incorporating other healing modalities into healing sessions
  • How to work with the ancestors to heal karmic patterns and learn from them
  • How to create your own journeys
fan smudge
me drumming

Disclaimer:  This program is not for those who are dealing with severe psychological illnesses.  The intensity of working with our deep wounds can be too much for those who suffer from mental health issues being treated by a psychiatrist or psychologist.  If you are unsure if you should enroll in this program, please consult your therapist prior to signing up.  Kim Woodcock is not a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist and is not qualified to handle any illnesses that are under a doctors care.



After completing this apprenticeship many opportunities will be available to you.

Become a Shaman in Your Community – Many who complete the program become shamans within their community.  Offering healing services, rite of passage ceremonies, ritual practices to celebrate special events, and community support.

Enhance your Current Healing Practice – Those who already have a healing practice in massage therapy, energy work, and psychotherapy find shamanism can enhance the healing benefits for their clientele.  Shamanism is a holistic practice that can be blended easily with other healing modalities allowing the practitioner to create totally unique, client oriented treatments that provide amazing results.

Heal Your Own Wounds – There are those who become shamans for their own healing purposes.  Healing begins with the self and as we heal our own wounds we also heal those around us.  Soul retrieval work is the key to success with this profound aspect of shamanic work.  Soul theft occurs in our relationships and is one of the most devastating types of soul loss.  When we focus on returning the parts we have carried from others and the burdens they present and retrieving the parts others have of ours, the path to wholeness heals both souls involved.

Heal Your Family Karma – Healing ancestral karmic patterns through family lines is one of the many beneficial ways to use your shamanic skills.  Abuse, alcoholism, neglect, family curses, etc. are hereditary in many cases being passed from generation to generation.  Opening lines of communications with the originating ancestors of the pattern can help you to understand and heal the pattern in this lifetime thereby breaking the pattern for future generations.  This is a gift to any family who endures these repeating patterns that have enslaved their families for generations.

Assist Those at End of Life – Some shamans choose to work in the shadows helping trapped souls to move on from the spirit world, assist those at the end of life to heal their fragmented souls and help them to pass through the doorway into the great beyond.  This work is also very important to the grieving process of those left behind to mourn.

The sky is the limit to what you can do with your shamanic training.  How will you use your shamanic powers to improve your life and others is up to you.  Use your new found connection to spirit to propel you toward your life’s purpose!



The shamanic awakening puts us on a path of discovery that is best traversed with a guide that has been through the dark night of the soul and come through the healing process empowered and living life authentically.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after divorcing my husband in 2002.  After two abusive marriages with alcoholics I knew I had to find a way to heal and fix the unhealthy patterns in my life that caused me to make the same bad choices over and over.  I took a Reiki Level I course that changed my life in June, 1999.  When I completed all levels of Reiki, I enrolled in the massage therapy program.  I graduated from The Valley School of Healing Arts in 2003 after about 4 years of studies to become a Reiki master, massage therapist, and astrologer.  From April 2004 – August 2006 I participated in a shamanic apprenticeship with Colleen Deatsman.  The techniques and principles of shamanism have been integral in my life for the past 14 years.  In 2013 my health issues got out of control once again.  I was diagnosed with chronic migraines.  I was suffering from severe debilitating daily migraines that were untreatable.  I was teaching and overseeing the Massage Therapy for a career college, a job I held for 10 years.  This illness forced me to resign my position and go on disability.  All conventional western medicine options failed to help me with my migraines.  I was bed ridden for over 3 years hoping for the magic cure to come along.  In 2016 I finally realized that I would only heal if I dug deep into the emotional reasons I was ill.  I began practicing meditation and journeying on a daily basis and began to feel better.  Then I delved deeply into the patterns that caused the illnesses to begin with.  Today I am living life, feeling amazing, and connecting with spirit in a more meaningful way.

I taught my first group of shamanic students in 2008.  The success of using my shamanic practice to heal myself led me to develop a new program in 2016 that focuses on working more deeply with the shadow aspects of several key archetypes.  I have witnessed many amazing transformations in my students as they work through their deepest wounds and live from an empowered place.

How To

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Due to the limited spots available, I am meeting with each applicant to discuss the program and ensure it is the right fit.  Use the link below to set up a call with me.  After confirming your email address, you will receive an email with a link to schedule a call.

Please contact if you do not receive this email within 24 hours after signing up.  (Check your spam or junk mail folders first.)

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I have been referred to by many as the Mother of Shamans because of my motherly devotion to my apprentices and my mystical ability to guide them deeper into their journeys.  My purpose is to find my shamanic children, nurture them, teach them, and birth them into the empowered shamans and healers our world needs at this time.

Here is what some of the shamans I have birthed say about the program.


“If you are finding yourself stuck at a crossroads in life, and are ready to dive deep into the shadows in order to bring healing to the deepest of wounds and discover your souls true purpose in this lifetime, I highly recommend Kim’s online Shamanism Course. Kim’s course is designed to assist each student in a very deep and personal level in order to achieve maximum understanding and healing. The class size is kept at a minimum in order to create an intimate setting where you will learn, heal and grow with your fellow tribe members. The love and support within the group is unmeasurable. You will graduate from this class transformed with a fresh new outlook upon yourself and the world around you. Kim is an amazing healer, and I believe that crossing her path was not by chance. Are you ready to embrace your inner light?”  ~T Moyer

Profound Healing

“I highly recommended taking the Shamanic classes with Kim. The class opened doors to energetic healing that is beyond what most would even consider. Shamanic work goes to the root of the dis-ease & the results & healing are profound. It gives you insights and alternative ways of addressing physical, mental, emotional & spiritual conditions by going directly to the cause of the issue. Shamanic practice aligns you & your client with Source- that connection is healing for the practitioner as well. In the process of learning the skills, you do the work to bring awareness of dis-ease within your being & tools to heal yourself, beginning with what you believe to be truth & confront the demons you allow to diminish you. Kim holds a sacred, safe space & provides guidance that resonates with you, the energy at her home helps to perpetuate the energy of the group. Your soul is waiting for this, really.”  ~J Dagle-Funk

“A friend referred me to Kim when someone said I should go see a shaman for soul retrieval. I had no clue what that meant but it sent me down the rabbit hole. Little did I know that I would find a spiritual practice that aligns with how I walk in the world. Truth through dreaming. I love learning through Kim. She is a wealth of knowledge, compassion and wisdom. I love this journey and highly recommend this course with those curious about understanding and healing themselves deeper. I especially love the archetype lessons.”  ~Chris R.