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Soul Loss Plague

Soul Loss Plague

There is an unrecognized plague that is seriously taking a toll on our souls at this time.  This destructive pathogen that has invaded our bodies is not caused by a virus, bacteria, fungus, or other common biological factor, but is the reason behind what is causing much of the dis-ease humanity suffers from.  What is this mysterious illness?  Soul Loss!

One of the primary focuses in shamanism is retrieving lost soul parts.  Shamans believe that through soul loss we can become so fragmented that we struggle to function, feeling like we are not whole.  We have all suffered from soul loss many times in our life.   Most soul loss occurs as a part of our soul’s contract and therefore is not necessarily a bad thing.  In this sense soul loss is meant to help us to heal the wounds we chose to work on in this carnation and learn the karmic lessons necessary for the evolution of our soul.   To complete this soul mission it is necessary to retrieve these parts once the healing and lessons are done so that we can return the soul to a state of wholeness.  Unfortunately, soul loss is occurring with a frequency that makes it nearly impossible to combat with traditional healing methods.   It seems all we can manage is to stick a band-aid on the wound to temporarily fix the problem so that we can move on quickly to the next crisis.

What is Soul Loss?

When soul loss occurs a piece or part of the soul’s essence or life force leaves the soul as a survival mechanism to protect us in times of trauma from pain and loss so severe it could cause irreparable damage to the human psyche and soul.  These traumas can be caused by many things that occur in our lives. 

  • accidents
  • war
  • death of a loved one
  • abuse
  • serious illness; self or loved one
  • loss of home or security
  • loss of job, income
  • natural disasters
  • unhealthy relationships with partners, jobs, family and friends
  • disconnection from a spiritual path
  • stress
  • depression
  • divorce
  • sexual assault
  • family dysfunction
  • childhood traumas

These traumas don’t even have to impact us personally.  This is where I believe the plague is taking hold of us in unsuspecting ways.  We live in a heightened state of fear and uncertainty caused by terrorism, mass murders, war, intolerance, and natural disasters that seem to be increasing in occurrence and severity every year.  I hear people say that these things are occurring so frequently that they are growing numb to them because they have become our normal.  This “numbness” is causing people to seek out any means to escape these new normal conditions of existence.  The opiod crisis, heroin epidemic, marijuana use, alcohol dependency, and high rate of prescribed medications for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions caused by this need to numb out has driven us into a place where we are barely functioning.  Many are choosing the ultimate escape of suicide.  I believe one of the reasons people choose suicide is due to the result of overwhelming soul loss that is so great the human host can’t justify continuing this life’s journey.   This is not the only reason people choose to end their lives, but one of the results of too much soul loss.

As the soul fragments the soul parts must go into hiding so that they can escape the pain and protect our psyche from the effects of the trauma.  A shaman knows that soul parts go into the non-ordinary world where they can be safe from detection and allow their human host to begin to heal from the episode that caused the part to leave.  Soul loss can occur many, many times over a lifetime, be from a past life, and can be carried over into new lifetimes.  Each time weakening the soul further until it becomes so unbalanced that we find ourselves feeling empty, searching for answers, looking for ways to heal, and feeling a sense of being lost, confused, and disconnected.  This is often the time when the quest for a spiritual solution to the problem begins. 

What are the symptoms of Soul Loss?

  • chronic illnesses – migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
  • depression
  • suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • chronic bad luck
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • addiction
  • immune deficiency
  • fear
  • fatigue, exhaustion
  • lethargy, lack of motivation
  • existing, going through the motions
  • power loss manifesting as low self-esteem, low self-worth, lack of control over your life

These soul parts do not return on their own when the crisis is over.  They remain hidden away until they can be retrieved and brought back to their soul.  A shaman can perform soul retrieval to return and integrate these soul parts.  Many healing modalities offer us ways to heal our physical and mental dis-ease, but they don’t go far enough to bring about long-term healing at the deepest levels.  For transformational healing to occur we must retrieve those soul parts associated with these wounds. 

What Can I Do If I Have Soul Loss?

There are several actions you can take to heal from soul loss.  The first and most important step is awareness of the fact you have soul loss.  The second step is to make the choice to commit to getting these soul parts back.    The choice to dive deep into these soul wounds is not one that should be taken lightly.  This work can be challenging and difficult as you unearth the true underlying causes for your soul loss. 

When you have decided you need this deep healing, you need to find a shamanic practitioner who can help you.  Be sure to choose a shaman that resonates with you and one you feel comfortable with.  Shamanic healing can be done in person or online.  My online shamanic healings have been just as powerful as those I do in person.   You can schedule a consultation with me to discuss your needs here

For those who feel a deeper calling to become a shaman and not only heal their own soul but want to help others and the planet to heal, find a good apprenticeship that will provide you with the content and support to learn shamanism.  I offer a 10 month online apprenticeship that is designed to focus on your healing and teaches the core practices of shamanism in a supportive environment free of judgment.  Learn more about my Soul Deep Shamanism program.

The views shared in this post are based on my many years of experience as a shamanic healer, teacher, and my own personal healing journey.  Please do not discontinue any current medical treatments without first talking with your healthcare team. 

Kim Woodcock
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